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General Dentistry

1. Check-up & clean

This is the most important appointment. A thorough examination of teeth, gums and surrounding tissues is done to detect any dental diseases.
We have state of the art technology and explain with the help of pictures ( taken with intra-oral cameras ) and digital x-rays on computer screen to involve you in making the decision for treatment planning.
This is followed by a gentle and thorough cleaning of all the calculus and deposits and a good polish.

It is recommended to get a check up and clean every 6 months for everyone unless you have gum disease where it may be recommended earlier.


2. Preventative Dentistry

Consultation regarding correct brushing method , good oral hygiene habits is done , may involve fluoride application.

We make customised Night Guards to prevent wear of teeth from grinding/clenching and Mouth Guards to prevent sports injury.

3. Fillings

We use tooth-colored filling material for fillings and have optimum system in place for safe removal of amalgam fillings.